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Hotplate & Stirrer

High chemical resistant all-in-one ceramic top
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All-in-one ceramic top & safety-first design
The SH-301 is designed for your general laboratory applications. This hotplate & stirrer features all-in-one glass-ceramic top providing uniform heating, easy-to-clean, and resistant to scratches, corrosions and chemicals.

Safety-first philosophy design:

  • Hot warning indicating light: Automatic warning when temperature of the ceramic top is over 55˚C
  •  Overheating protection safety device: Automatic heat cutoff when the heating temp is over 550˚C
  •  Splash resistant design: Avoiding sample permeating from the plate or switch


  • Easy and user-friendly operation
  • Precise heating and accurate temperature control
  • Integrated glass-ceramic top plate: easy clean, chemical-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and scrap-resistant
  • LED indicators for Power, Heating, and Stirring
  • Safety design
  • Special circuit board design for power saving and efficient heat distributing
  • Microprocessor adjustable speed control from 60~1100 rpm
  • Advanced motor for extremely smooth rotation, low noise and long life 
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