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EC-4110-RS Intelligent Conductivity Transmitter
Intelligence Advanced Graphics, RS-485 Modbus
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  • Ultra Pure water
  • Pure Water
  • RO System
  • Cooling water Boiler water
  • Industrial process Water treatment


  • 96 x 96mm Intelligent conductivity/resistivity transmitter
  • Waterproof and dustproof design
  • Compatible with conductivity or resistivity measurement
  • Compatible with 2- or 4-electrode conductivity cell
  • User-friendly operation with text and graphic illustrations, clear signs and easy to understand
  • Large LCM with auto-sense backlight and contrast setting function
  • With password and multi-key design-security protection enhancement
  • Automatic temperature compensation with NTC30K or PT1000
  • Temperature coefficient compensation by non-linear or linear
  • Two sets of isolated current output at DC 0/4~20mA, max. load 500Ω
  • Hi/Lo, Hi/Hi, Lo/Lo selectable two limited contact outputs with programmable set-points and hysteresis
  • Gradually continuous sample measurements average function to enhance stability
  • Automatic sensor clean function with programmable time interval
  • LED indicated alarm or washing status signal
  • IP 65 (NEMA 4X)
  • Measuring value can be selected for figure or chart display
  • Trace mode can display historical measured value curve from 3-minute to 4-week program
  • Equipped with logbook function
  • Equipped with one analog output and RS-485 interface 
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