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DC-5300 Series Microprocessor D.O. Transmitter
Precise calculation in various applications
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Precise calculation in various applications

The DC-5300 D.O. transmitter has rugged IP 65 enclosure and can be wall, panel, and pipe mounted for installation in mainly wastewater, fish farm, environment and fermentation applications. Its excellent signal processor and precise salinity and pressure compensation make DC-5300 the extremely powerful instruments you can trust. 


  • Wastewater treatment
  • Fish Cultivation
  • Environment
  • Fermentation 


  • Concentration and saturation of dissolved oxygen measurement
  • Measurement unit: ppm, mg/l, %, °C
  • Compatible with WTW TriOxmatic 690 & 700, and Mettler Toledo InPro 6050 & 6800 sensors
  • Back-lit LCD with ON/OFF/Auto programmable illumination
  • Two sets of isolated current output DC 0/4~20mA corresponding to measurement and temperature
  • Two Hi/Lo Limited contact outputs; Set points with programmable hysteresis function
  • Salinity correction & atmospheric pressure correction
  • Gradually continuous sample measurements average function to enhance stability
  • Wash function with programmable time-interval control
  • Display of the last calibration time and sensor slope
  • Password protection
  • DC-5300RS with one analog output and one RS-485 interface


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