Online - CT-6110-POL Free Chlorine Analyzer

Extremely stable and valuable


Extremely stable and valuable

The CT-6110-POL is a non-reagent type, non-membrane type residual chlorine system. The transmitter is a dual channel measurement include both residual chlorine and pH measurement. The motor drive rotating sensor system keeps the sensor clean and reduce the troubled maintenance work. The high stability, high resolution, low consumables features make the CT-6110-POL highly welcome in the market.


  • • Drinking water
  • • RO water dechlorination
  • • Swimming pool
  • • Cooling water
  • • Beverage industrial packing bottle sterilization


  • • 96 x 96mm intelligent redisual chlorine & pH dual-channel transmitter
  • • User-friendly operation with text and graphic illustration, clear signs and easy to understand
  • • Measuring value can be selected for figure or chart display
  • • Trace mode can display historical measured value curve from 3-minute to 4-week program
  • • Equipped with logbook function
  • • Large LCM display with auto-sense backlight and contrast setting function
  • • Polarogram scanning function to find suitable polar voltage & gain to ensure the accuracy especially for high conductivity samples
  • • Electrode open circuit & water outage diagnostic function for auto motor shut down protection
  • • Simultaneous display of residual chlorine value, temperature and pH value
  • • Automatic pH & temperature compensation
  • • Cl2/pH selectable, two individual limited contact outputs with programmable set-points and hysteresis
  • • Equipped with Cl2/pH isolated current output and RS-485 MODBUS interface
  • • Gradually continuous sample measurements average function to enhance stability
  • • With password and multi-key design, enhanced security protection
  • • Auto clean/Auto zero function with programmable time interval
  • • LED indicated alarm or washing status signal
  • • Non-reagent type Cl2 sensor reduces operation cost
  • • Rotating sensor auto clean reduces maintenance work
  • • Optional pH measurement for compensation
  • • Over heat motor protection