Eppendorf-New Brunswick - 大型可堆疊式振盪培養箱 44 & 44R

New Brunswick Scientific's Innova 44 Series Shakers can be stacked up to three units high (as shown), tripling the capacity of space usually occupied by a single incubator shaker. Based on the extremely popular Innova 4400 series, the Innova 44 includes many new standard features and the latest technology available. Innova Model 44 offers incubation, while Innova Model 44R adds refrigeration.


  • Space-Saving Door glides up and out of your way
  • Slide-Out Platform provides easy access to all samples
  • Intuitive Programming allows multiple parameter changes-temperature, speed, photosynthetic lights* and UV light decontamination*. All are easily changed on a timed basis. Ideal for heat inductions or temperature reductions to slow growth, eliminating unnecessary trips back to the lab.
  • Double-Pane, Thermal Glass provides excellent insulation and clear observation of cultures
  • Interior Chamber Light enhances observation
  • Multi-Function Reservoir humidifies chamber to reduce sample evaporation and protect unit from spills. Built-in drain facilitates clean up
  • Pull-Out Service Module allows convenient access to all electronic and heating/cooling components

* Optional accessories


  • NBS Renowned Triple-Eccentric Gyrotory® Drive provides smooth, uniform motion to cultures, while ensuring long shaker life and quiet operation. Others may claim to utilize a similar design, but only NBS' drive is built on a cast-iron base, with shafts machined to tolerances within 0.0002" (0.00051 cm)
  • Extremely Rugged Construction built with high-quality materials for years of continuous, worry-free operation
  • Audible and Visible Alarms alert user to speed and temperature deviations
  • Backed by an Industry-Leading Warranty and factory-trained field service support


  • Superior Air Circulation System with low-watt-density resistance heaters for rapid temperature equilibration and excellent uniformity
  • Precisely-Regulated Temperature, ranging from +5℃ above ambient to 80℃ (-20℃ below ambient to 80℃ for Innova 44R); accurate within ?.1℃
  • Dynamic Speed Range from 25 to 400 rpm controlled within ? rpm
  • Timed Shaking from 0.1 to 99.9 hours, or continuous shaking
  • RS-232 Computer Interface allows remote data logging and program control using standard lab management software
  • Heavy-Duty Door Gasket maintains a leak-free seal and ensures excellent temperature uniformity
  • Extra-Large Chamber holds flasks up to 5 liters
Shaker Capacity Chart

Flask Size (mL) Dedicated Platform Universal Platform
50 N/A 91
125 60 39
250 40 30
500 24 24
1000 15 14
2000 12 8
2800 6 6
4000 6 6
5000 N/A 6*
* Using Sticky Tape; less with clamps